Friday, September 25, 2009

Draw Tinkerbell Step By Step

Want to draw Tinkerbell? But you do not have the expertise? Okay I'll show you the steps to draw tinkerbell gradually.

First prepare your drawing tools, such as pencil, eraser and paper. Then make small circles rather vertical and horizontal. This being the eyes for tinkerbell. After that, draw tinkerbell face carefully. Create also a typical pattern of hair.

Complete the face of this tinkerbell coloring pages, and then we move to the next stage by drawing parts of the body. Look at the picture above to facilitate construction. Enough with the one-time scratches so your drawing paper still in good condition.

After the body is complete, continue with drawing hands and feet of Tinkerbell. Do not forget to decorate the shoes with small dots. Already?

For the last part of this page coloring, is a drawing of Tinkerbell's wings. Remember, she has 4 wings, 2 small and 2 large. Done.

When finished, immediately take your color pencil and scratched the appropriate color for this coloring page.

Tinkerbell and Flower Coloring Pages

This Tinkerbell and flower coloring page I accidentally put in my blog to fill the void of my soul. Flowers can make my soul to be with and grow beautifully. And everyone can feel the beauty of the flowers that I picked every day.

Tinkerbell is also very fond of flowers, just look at the coloring pages above. Tinkerbell to surprise with flowers placed there. Or maybe tinkerbell impressed with the dragonfly that can fly like her. hmm ... maybe.

Dragonfly has a beautiful 4 wings that can make it fly away into space. Tinkerbell also has beautiful wings. When the little wings will will issue grains light illuminates every corner of the forest in a fairy tale.

Come help tinkerbell to find the color of this dragonfly. Make this free coloring page comes alive with your coloring expertise. Do not forget to give color to the flower.

If you're good at coloring, so you'll be like tinkerbell who never bound by time. And I know the reply you can make a beautiful coloring page.

Peter Pan Coloring Pages

Hey Peterpan! What are you doing there? Come on down here. Show that you can fly over the sky.

Ha .. ha .. ha .. Coloring page of this time talking about peterpan, a true friend of tinkerbell. Peterpan is a child who never grew up, because he living in a fairy tale. Thus, every day peterpan always played with tinkerbell and another friends.

This great Peterpan coloring page I found on a blog that contains about Disney coloring page. Hmm .. peterpan's buzzing at the stern of the ship while waiting for Mr. Hook is bad temper.

Seems peterpan do not want to get down from up there, Yes, his can fly so long, so do not be afraid peterpan with height. Hi .. hi ..

While waiting Mr.Hook below, let's make peterpan coloring page for kids to life. By way of a suitable color for every detail.

Come help me paint this peterpan coloring with coloring pencils you.

Flying Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

The story of Tinkerbell did not seem to last forever. A little fairy filled with sweet smile. Has great magical abilities. Tinkerbell fairies live in an old tree hollow. Just like in the coloring pages at the top.

These Tinkerbell coloring pages I deliberately put in this blog for all fans of tinkerbell. I'm also a fan of tinkerbell. I collect all things related to tinkerbell starting from merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, shoes, everything with tinkerbell theme.

To all the brothers who are looking for coloring page for the task at school, I put these two images as the material for your coloring. You can take this free coloring page with the download now.

But remember, first... print this free coloring and make a color by using your colored pencils. Use your imagination to color this tinkerbell. If the work you've done, show the results to me and will I put on this blog as work of the most beautiful coloring pages.

Wink Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Free coloring pages this time we discussed about tinkerbel, a fairy who has the magical ability exceptional. Peterpan little friend has a beautiful wing and interesting.

For a lover of coloring pages, tinkerbell usually becomes an idol. Because they have been accustomed to movies made in Hollywood. Which tells the story of peterpan and tinkerbell in fairyland. Coloring pages I accidentally put on here to show a tinkerbell style. You will not find tinkerbell in a pose like this in your blog or other sites. So, immediately download this free coloring pages for you.

This image I got from a special blog that discusses about coloring page for kids. This blog is my favorite blog. I often visit this blog to get free coloring page. And if you like it, you can download it too for free.
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